Green Werks Garden at St. Joseph’s Care Group

Lake Superior News
August 27, 2014

Green Werks Garden at St. Joseph’s Care Group is celebrating another successful harvest. The Green Werks Garden produces organically-grown vegetables and provides employment experience for consumers of mental health services. This year, the Care Group will start using seasonal produce from the garden in its cafeteria and catering menus. Read more

Green Thumbs Enhance Food Services

Net News Ledger
August 26, 2014

Green thumbs are enhancing food services at St. Joseph’s Care Group in Thunder Bay.

Organic vegetables and herbs grown in a co-op garden behind Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital (LPH) will be used in cafeteria and catering fare, served up at St. Joseph’s Hospital and LPH.

The Care Group’s Head Chef Julie Nix is thrilled to have fresh, homegrown produce for her recipes. This year’s crop includes: beets, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, pumpkins, strawberries, green peppers, onions, chives, basil, oregano, and thyme. Read more

They grow inclusion at urban microfarm

The Record
August 14, 2014

With the help of eager student volunteers and KW Hab residents, the farm on University Avenue has become a powerhouse of engagement and fresh food. The harvest is taken to headquarters every Wednesday where residence co-ordinators can pick out what they need for the week. Read more

SOIL initiative at hospital keeps growing

Glengarry News
August 13, 2014
Rehab patients, primarily those recovering from strokes, have, along with staff, tended the garden located behind the hospital. Given patient mobility and access concerns, the outdoor garden consists of ground-level and raised beds which contain a wide range of produce, including cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, shallots, squash and tomatoes, as well as various herbs.

Produce grown in the garden is incorporated into patient and staff meals. Read more

Homewood garden part of food production project

Guelph Mercury
July 16, 2014

In bygone times, Homewood had a full 80-acre farm on site, situated across Delhi Street. It produced enough food to feed its patients and supply the broader community with fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs.

Read more

Good Things Grow on Micro-farm

The Record, June 17, 2014


It’s a local food movement with a difference, and it should make a significant difference to children and adults in Waterloo Region living with developmental disabilities.

During the 2013 growing season, a gardening experiment undertaken by KW Habilitation — which provides a wide range of individualized services and support for the developmentally disabled — saw the cultivation of 20 different types of vegetables on a quarter acre of the eight acres of farmland at the institution’s David Fisher Residence in Waterloo. Read more at The Record

Micro farm will provide food and activities for KW Habilitation

The Record, June 11, 2014

Anam Latif

WATERLOO — California-style tomatoes, rhubarb and basil are just a few of the vegetables KW Habilitation will be growing at their new urban micro farm in Waterloo.

After a successful community garden project in 2011, KW Habilitation turned their backyard into a farm they hope will feed and engage their residents.  Read more at The Record

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KW Habilitation Joins Local Food Movement

Exchange Magazine

Through a newly formed partnership exploring on-site food production, KW Habilitation (KW Hab) has joined the local food movement. Working in the community for over 40 years, KW Hab offers a wide range of individualized services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Read more at the Exchange

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Want More Local Food In Your Hospital? Try Growing It!

Project SOIL featured in the May 22nd edition of healthscape – an eNewsletter and website operated by the Ontario Hospital Association.