The Sheepdog Grill

Because we all need good food in our lives…

The Sheepdog Grill—our food trailer—is certified for food production by our health unit, allowing us to transform ground and stewing meats—from the lambs raised on our farm—into sausages and kebabs, and then take the show on the road so that we can serve these indulgences fresh off the grill, in different locations across the Ottawa Valley.

The Sheepdog Grill … our food trailer

In autumn of 2022 we wheeled out the new trailer and the old skills—after all, we’ve made our own sausages for years, and Denise spent her adult life in the food service industry. Folks at the weekly Just Food Farm Stand and monthly Original Navan Market gave us positive feedback, while we tested our ideas.

In 2023 we added a few festivals, fairs and events, and had a fantastic summer! We created a brand new—and extremely popular—Haggissausage™ after the folks at the Glengarry Highland Games inquired whether we could make haggis. (We decided to come up with an edible alternative.)

We had a number of farm events, including Carrotfest at Ottawa Farm Fresh and an incredibly successful Fall Farm Fest at the Just Food Community Farm.

The Good Food Caravan

In 2024 we’re packing our schedule with some excellent events—a summer of music, theatre, laughter and games. Keep up with our Grilled Culture 2024 tour on the Sheepdog Grill FB site here: