We’re happy to share pilot project case studies from five graduate student PAR on-site food growing projects! Each is available in html and print [pdf] form, by visiting the following pages.

Food School Farm, Fergus
Centre Wellington District High School’s radical participatory agroecological education program that looks to produce “critical and confident food growers and consumers”. Read more

GreenWerks Garden, Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital, Thunder Bay
LPH and the St. Joseph’s Care Group’s donation of land led to an interesting collaboration between a social-purpose business (GreenWerks) that trains outpatients for vocations, by growing food for their own cafes (both social enterprises), the hospital foodservice provider (Sodexo – large multinational food service company), and the Regional Food Distribution Agency, which distributes food to food assistance programs across the northwest. Read more

Homewood Health Centre, Guelph
Homewood is Canada’s unsurpassed medical leader in addiction and mental health treatment, providing highly specialized psychiatric and addiction services to all Canadians. Read more

Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital, Alexandria
HGMH is a primary health care institution located in Alexandria, Ontario- is a registered charity which also focuses on post acute stroke rehabilitation services.
Read more

KW Habilitation, Kitchener / Waterloo region
Working in the community for over 40 years, KW Hab offers a wide range of individualized services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Read more