He was sent here for us to love…

Friday, April 10, 2020 – Sunday, April 12, 2020

He was sent here for us to love,
and I don’t know why.

It’s never been more clear that it’s less about us,
than it is about the way that we choose
to express our love for him.

Our lives, our mis-steps and omissions,
regrets and hopes, expectations and disappointments,
make his limbs tremble and his breath rasp.

Tears, rage, indifference, restraint, abandon—
each feel equally inadequate and intolerable,
when confronted with his innocence.

Oh, lamb of God,
who takest away the sins of the world,
be still thy heart.

He was sent here for us to love,
and i don’t know why.


Presenting… Our New Online Shop!

It’s a fast-paced life now… and a huge change to the way we operate. We’ve posted our entire inventory—including three new flavours of lamb sausage!—to our new online shop at the Open Food Network: https://openfoodnetwork.ca/flat-earth-farm/shop

Here’s a few words that tell you why we’re with the Open Food Network:

…an online marketplace that levels the playing field. It’s transparent, so it creates real relationships. It’s open source, so it’s owned by everyone. It scales to regions and nations, so people start versions across the world.

It works everywhere. It changes everything.

We call it Open Food Network.

We all love food. Now we can love our food system too.


The times, they are a-changin’…

Well, folks, things are changing rapidly in our lives—aren’t they? Seems like just last week we put our products online for the first time, now we’re switching to online orders only!!

Along with the others in the Just Food Farm Stand Co-op, we’re concerned for the health of our eaters and ourselves, and responding to public safety concerns.  But of course, at the same time, we have to get on with the job of adapting to changing circumstances and finding a way to continue to deliver essential services.

And this week we’re already ‘sold out’ with pre-orders for our Egg CSA! We also picked up our latest lamb from our local butcher this week—with lamb sausages (lambsages?) for the first time. We’re biased, so I won’t bore you with how much we like them.

We’re setting up an online farm stand, but for now you can order Flat Earth Farm products for—Sunday morning pick-up—by going here:



Nearly Spring Sale! New Prices for lamb and beef


$7 / dozen eggs from Organically-raised, Dual-purpose Laying Hens
*Ask us about our Egg CSA, to save more than $1/dozen on our normal rate!
**Ask us how you can get free eggs!!

Eggs are produced by Cadence Ecological Farm, Chi Garden and Flat Earth Farm. Our laying hens are raised organically and fed only certified organic (GMO-free) laying ration.

Grass-fed lamb*

$200 – 20 lb. box
$110 – 10 lb. box

Mixed boxes may contain rack of lamb, loin chops, leg of lamb, shoulder roast, kebab/stewing lamb, ground lamb

$13/lb. – Leg of lamb
$12.50 – Shoulder roast
$12/lb. – Rack of lamb, Loin chops
$8/lb. – Ground lamb, Kebab/stewing lamb

* Pre-order special orders (Easter, Pesach) and your lamb sausage and ground lamb for barbecue season before March 31, 2020—limited quantities available!

Grass-fed beef*

$160 – 20 lb. mixed box
$90 – 10 lb. mixed box

Mixed boxes may contain sirloin tip roast, t-bone steak, kebab or stir-fry beef, ground beef

$60 – 10 lb. box – ground beef only

$12/lb. Sirloin tip roast
$10/lb. Round or blade roast; T-bone, round or Sirloin steak
$7/lb. Ground beef, kebab or Stir-fry beef

* Available while quantities last.

Ask us about Maple Syrup!


Autumn Sunshine

The unseasonably chilly temperatures have lifted, that early snowfall—which last week looked to be sticking around—has all melted, and all of the animals have a renewed desire to enjoy the early morning sunshine… almost like they have a sense that this may be the last such opportunity for four months.