Farming Philosophy

We were approached by the folks at COG / OSO to write a discussion piece for their Food For Thought series, about our farming philosophy. In their words:

We seldom ask farmers for their philosophy on farming, and when this month’s author started explaining why they call their place Flat Earth Farm – the answer wasn’t topography – we thought ‘this wasn’t going to end well’! We were pleasantly surprised – and we think you’ll be too – as Phil Mount spins his tale of balance, efficiency, and collaboration on an unconventional sheep farm, where animals get part of their protein from tree leaves and end up on the Sheepdog Grill.

Farming Philosophy from Flat Earth Farm

When we’re talking to folks about what we do—usually over a sausage at The Sheepdog Grill—we’re often asked why we chose the name Flat Earth Farm. Is it a philosophical statement? Is it evidence of a general skepticism, or our membership in a very specific Society? Or is it a comment on the topography of the farm?

Read the rest of the article here:


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